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Hang on Gelato is not the same as Ice Cream…whhaaattt?

They look pretty similar, usually sweet and delicious– but my goodness are Gelato & Ice cream words apart!

Our gelato experts have decided the set the record straight and share what makes Gelato so much different to Ice cream…you might be very surprised!

So what are the big differences…

  • What goes in?
  • While some of the ingredients are similar the proportions are very different creating a totally different product, texture & nutritional makeup! As the name suggests ‘Ice-Cream’ is made based on cream, Gelato on the other hand  is based on a higher proportion of milk to cream – meaning the fat % in Gelato is around half that of Ice Cream sitting at about 5-6% fat vs 10% & upwards in Ice- cream. Next up Ice cream usually includes eggs or egg products to make whereas almost always gelato is free of egg products.
How it’s Made
  • It’s all in the churn for this one – making ice cream the ingredients are churned at a high speed creating air traps whereas our gelato is churned slowly creating a creamier, denser product. Ice cream contains around 50% air while Gelato contains just 25-30% air- hellooooo smooth velvety smoothness!
How it’s Served
  • You will never see a scoop at Gino’s,  we use a traditional gelato spatula to ensure the gelato you get is smoothly served with as little interference with perfection as possible! Gelato is also served at around -30 degrees whereas gelato is served around -9 degrees again meaning gelato is immediately smoother & silkier – no melting required to taste this goodness! Also as Ice cream is served at a very cold temperature this somewhat freezes the tastebuds to experiencing the full flavour, on the other hand the temperature that gelato is served at doesn’t freeze your tastebuds meaning every morsel of taste can sink into your tongue to enjoy!
  • This is the unrivalled key for what makes gelato taste so incredible – to get the very best tasting authentic gelato it MUST be made fresh that day. This is a key principle at Gino’s we make all of our gelato fresh in every store every morning using 100% fresh organic Irish milk. This gives our gelato unrivalled freshness, creaminess & delectability! Ice cream on the other hand often has lots of preservatives to allow for a longer shelf life so you might be getting a product that was made months before hand…and while it still tastes good there is no comparison to gelato made fresh that day!

There you have it… the true differences between Gelato & Ice Cream from us- just a few  passionate Gelato nerds!

So if you are looking for the most incredible Gelato taste sensation think it’s time you paid us a visit!