Smoothie Bar

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At Gino’s we make all of our Gelato fresh in every store every day so everyday you visit you can be surprised with the freshest selection

Nutella Flavour

Pomegranate Sorbet (Vegan)

Bubblegum Flavour

Kinda Bueno Flavour

Pistachio Flavour

Strawberry & Cream Flavour

Mint Chocolate Chip Flavour

Mango Sorbet (Vegan)

Oreo Flavour

Coconut Sorbet (Vegan)

Ferrero Flavour

Belgian Chocolate Flavour

Forest Fruits Sorbet (Vegan)

Maltesters Flavour

Dulce De Leche Flavour

Banana Flavour

Hazelnut Flavour

Banoffee Flavour

Honeycomb Flavour

Lotus Biscuit Flavour

Greek Yoghurt Flavour

Peach Sorbet (Vegan)

Pineapple Sorbet (Vegan)

Strawberry Sorbet (Vegan)

Coffee Flavour

Raspberry White Choc Cheesecake Flavour